The 1/12th Club - Lichfield & District Dolls House & Miniaturists Club


1. Name

The name of the Club shall be "The 1/12th Club - Lichfield & District Dolls House & Miniaturists Club" hereinafter referred to as the Club.

2. Objectives

The "Club" is established for like minded people to share their interests in the building, decorating and furnishing of Dolls Houses, enabling members to share their knowledge with other members of the club or anyone interested in the hobby whenever possible.

3. Committee

a) The Club will be under the management of the committee, the officers of which shall be elected by majority vote at the annual general meeting.

b) The officers of the committee shall consist of:-


 1. The Chairman

 2. Vice-Chairman

 3. The Secretary

 4. The Treasurer

 5. The Social Secretary

 6. Two other members to make up the committee

c) The committee shall meet at its discretion but must meet at least four times annually

d) The Chairman of the Club shall be an ex-officio member of any sub-committees set up by the Club.

e) The committee members reserve the right to elect honorary members as it deems appropriate to do so.


4. Meetings

a) Meetings of the committee shall be as the Constitution. Minutes of all meetings be made and retained by the Secretary. A quorum for a committee meeting shall be a minimum of 5 of its members. All committee members are required to attend at least four times a year. Those who fail to fulfil this requirement may have their position on the committee reviewed.

b) The committee shall convene one Annual General Meeting of all members within each calendar year at a place and time which in their opinion is most acceptable to the general membership.

c) The purpose of the Annual General Meeting shall be to review the activities and performance of the Club over the previous year and to set targets for the following year and to elect a new committee.

d) Nominations for posts on the committee must be received by the existing committee at least 3 weeks before the Annual General Meeting.

e) Changes to the Constitution can only be effected at an Annual General Meeting and then only by two thirds majority of voting members.

f) Resolutions on any matter pertaining to the Club for consideration by the Annual General Meeting shall be in writing and received three weeks before the meeting.

g) The committee shall inform all its members of the date and venue of the Annual General Meeting at least one month before the meeting.

h) An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called for by the members on submission of a notice of agenda to the committee which has been signed by at least two thirds of the members. The meeting to be called by the committee within one month of receipt of notice.

5. Elections

Except where otherwise stipulated by the Constitution all elections within the Club will be decided by majority vote and each candidate will require one nominator and one seconder.

6. Membership

a) Membership is open to all members in good standing with no lower age limit. The committee will permit a trial period of one month after which their annual subscription must be paid.

b) Associate membership may be granted to persons who in the opinion of the committee can assist the Club in reaching its objectives. They may attend meetings by invitation but have no vote.

7. Annual Subscriptions

An annual subscription shall be required of all full members. The amount to be agreed at each Annual General Meeting. Members who are more than two months in arrears with their subscriptions shall cease to be a member.

8. Funds Distribution

All requests for reimbursement of expenses by any member of the club shall be submitted on a standard invoice request template and will only be paid upon presentation of an original invoice. Any costs/expenses in excess of £10 shall require the prior authorisation of the committee.

In the event that the club is wound up, all remaining funds (after payment of any outstanding invoices) shall be donated to a recognised Charity, as voted for by the Club members.

9. Safety

All courtesy and safety rules shall apply. Any member found breaching Health & Safety rules may be expelled by the Club.

10. Discipline

The committee shall suspend or dismiss any member who in their opinion has misconducted  themselves or brought the Club or the Hobby into disrepute. In all instances the member has the right to appeal.

11. Duties of Officers



To take over the role of Chairman when he or she is not able to attend the meeting




Social Secretary:  

Non Voting Club Officials:

Honorary President


Note:  At the AGM in January 2015 the members voted to ‘tear up’ the constitution in favour of a more informal approach.  It is left here for reference.