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Each year we come up with a project to inspire our members.  Here are just a few…

World War 1 Remembered

In memory of  the Great War 1914-18

2013  -  ‘On Your Bike’

The brief for our 2013 project was simple - a scene which included a bicycle.   The wide variety of interpretations  on the basic theme can be seen in our Photo Gallery .

See more pictures in our Photo Gallery

    …and watch a short Video here

Or on YouTube in HD here

WW1 Video Gallery 5 Gallery 4

With space to house our ever increasing dolls house collection at a premium we decided for 2015 to venture into 1/48th scale.

We began with similar kits from Petite Properties so that we  could share ideas, techniques and frustrations! A few of our members had already started in this scale. Their advice was invaluable and their work is also included in our ‘Country Cottage’  gallery.

The experience was very positive but we will not be abandoning 1/12th scale just yet!

View our Country Cottage Gallery

Gallery 3

2012 - My Favorite Book

Our 2012 project was exhibited at Chateau Impney, Droitwich where we won first prize!

See pictures in our Photo Gallery.

Our 2011 project was displayed at the Chateau Impney dolls house fair. We were awarded 3rd prize.

Gallery 2

2010 - The months of the year

A scene to represent one of the months of the year. Members were free to choose which month they wished to portray.  See all the pictures in our Photo Gallery.

2010 - Summer Exhibition

In 2010 we were featured in a special exhibition at the Lichfield Heritage Centre, from April to September. A wide variety of work was displayed  including Peg Dolls!

2011 - Christmas Market Stalls

Calendar 2011 Low Res.pdf

Our 2010 project was made into a professionally printed limited edition calendar for our members.  It was extremely difficult to pick out just 14 pictures.

See the 2011 calendar ‘Miniatures For All Seasons’    (pdf file)

Miniatures For All Seasons Calendar 2011